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4/2/2015 Morada Nut Company Maximizes Product Quality with Taurys™ Digital Sorter
3/19/2015 Key Technology Appoints Eric Geling as Senior Director of Sales for EMEIA
3/10/2015 Key Technology Expands Global Service and Support
2/18/2015 Key Technology Introduces DateSort™ and Strengthens its Leadership Position as the Date Sorting Expert
1/22/2015 Chappellet Selects VitiSort® Optical Sorter for MOG Removal
1/15/2015 Key Technology Expands the Value of Digital Sorting with Information Analytics


12/17/2014 Key Technology Appoints Bert Switten as Technical Sales Support Manager, Optical Sorting
12/16/2014 Optyx® Sorters Maximize Product Quality at Tayto
11/19/2014 Key Technology Introduces new Integrated High-Capacity Sorting System for Fresh Spinach
11/18/2014 Key Technology Introduces CIT® Hyperspectral Imaging Module for ADR® 5 to Detect and Remove "Sugar End" Defects from Potato Strips
11/12/2014 Key Technology Introduces New Veo™ DS Sorter for Seed Corn Ears
10/30/2014 Key Technology Introduces new Sanitary Belt Conveyor for Bulk Foods
10/28/2014 Poindexter Nut Company Selects Cayman® BioPrint® and Optyx® Digital Sorters
8/26/2014 Key Technology Appoints Lenno Foodtech as Sales Representative in China
7/30/2014 Key Technology Introduces Sanitary Rotary Finish on Vibratory Conveyors
7/16/2014 Key Technology Introduces its Cayman® BioPrint® Roadshow
7/15/2014 Key Technology Introduces new Veo™ Max Digital Sorter for Seed Corn Ears
6/25/2014 Key Technology Appoints Steve Johnson as Senior Director Latin America and Asia Sales
6/10/2014 Pasta Montana Turns to Key Technology and Selects an Optyx® Digital Sorter
4/16/2014 Key Technology Expands Customer Visitor Center in Sacramento, California
4/15/2014 Key Technology Showcases Digital Sorting and Specialized Conveying at FoodPro
4/10/2014 Key Technology Appoints Peter Wood as Process Systems Product Manager
4/8/2014 Key Technology Appoints Cedric Simmons as Area Sales Manager for the Southeast US
4/3/2014 Key Technology Showcases Digital Sorting and Specialized Conveying at Interpack
3/17/2014 Chateau Ste. Michelle Installs New Optical Sorter for MOG Removal
1/9/2014 Key Technology Introduces Sort-to-Grade™ for All G6 Optical Sorters


11/14/2013 Key Technology Introduces the VitiSort™ Wine Grape Sorter for MOG Removal
10/29/2013 Key Technology Introduces CleanBelt for ADR® 5 Automatic Defect Removal System
9/17/2013 Key Technology Introduces Taurys™, the Next-Generation Digital Laser Sorter
9/12/2013 Key Technology Unveils New Corporate Logo and Brand Identity
7/25/2013 Key Technology Signs Licensing and Distribution Agreements to Deploy Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®), a Hyperspectral Sensor-Based System, for Potato Processors
7/11/2013 Key Technology Introduces New Standard Iso-Flo® Vibratory Conveyors
2/25/2013 Key Technology and Visys Announce Merger
2/14/2013 Key Technology Unveils New State-of-the-Art Product Definer


11/29/2012 Key Technology Introduces Optyx® with Three-Way Sorting
10/16/2012 Key Technology Introduces Enhancements to Iso-Flo® Family of Vibratory Conveyors
7/24/2012 Key Technology Appoints Marco Azzaretti as Optical Product Manager
07/12/2012 L&S Cranberry Optimizes its Optyx® Sorter with RemoteMD™
06/28/2012 Key Technology Introduces Enhanced Vision Capability for Improved Sorter Performance
06/12/2012 Key Technology Appoints Prime International as Sales Representative in Argentina
5/23/2012 Key Technology Appoints John J. Ehren as President and Chief Executive Officer
03/06/2012 Key Technology Introduces FoodSafetyPRO™
02/07/2012 Pinguin Purchases Three Manta® Sorters from Key Technology
01/24/2012 Key Technology Introduces New Wet Spinach Sorting System


12/06/2011 Key Technology Appoints Bret Larreau as Manager of Business Development
11/29/2011 Key Technology Appoints Steve Johnson as Director of Marketing
11/09/2011 Stemilt Growers Selects Key Technology’s Optyx® Sorter for Cherry Packing
10/20/2011 Key Technology Introduces PROliance™ Online Training in Dutch, French, German, and Spanish
08/10/2011 Key Technology Introduces Iso-Glide™ Vibratory Conveyor
06/09/2011 Key Technology Opens Innovation and Solutions Center
05/26/2011 Key Technology Introduces Three-Way Sorting
04/12/2011 Online Training from Key Technology Delivers Value to a Multinational Food Processor
03/15/2011 Key Technology Presents Horizon™, a New Horizontal Motion Conveyor, at Snackex
02/24/2011 Key Technology Introduces Auto Valve Check for Tegra® Sorters
01/13/2011 Key Technology Introduces Horizon™, a New Horizontal Motion Conveyor
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