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Key’s engineers apply advanced design principles and a wealth of experience to develop the best vibratory conveyor solutions in the industry for hundreds of different products. Each Key Technology Smart Shaker® -from collection conveyors to feed conveyors, from conveyor solutions for grading, sizing and separating to transfer shakers- is built to the highest performance and sanitation standards to minimize lifecycle cost and maximize food safety.


Results for Conveying

  • Iso-Flo Collection Shaker Collection Conveyors

    Conveyors that gently collect product from other processing machines to minimize damage and converge product flow.

  • Iso-Flo Mono-frame Distribution Shaker Distribution Conveyors

    Food processing often requires the product flow to be separated into multiple streams for efficient processing. Distribution conveyors optimally meter product flow using gates and diverters.

  • Iso-Flo Feed Conveyors

    Feed conveyors optimally present your product to the next piece of processing equipment to maximize yield and improve performance of the downstream equipment.

  • Iso-Flo Grader Grading, Sizing and Separating Conveyors

    Grading, sizing and separating are essential functions to your processing line.

  • Impulse Size Grader Conveyor Impulse/P Vibratory Size Grader

    Designed specifically for solid-dose pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers, ImpulseĀ®/P vibratory size graders combine gentle electromagnetic power and high-speed/high-throughput design to maximize softgel, capsule and tablet quality.

  • Iso-Flo Distribution System Product and Packaging Distribution Systems

    Conveyors that gently collect product from other processing machines to minimize damage and converge product flow.

  • PulseScrubber PulseScrubber Continuous Softgel Polishing System

    Designed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers, this system polishes capsules by removing excess oil used in the encapsulation process, to improve product presentation.

  • Iso-Flo Transfer Conveyors

    Processing and packaging often require conveyors to elevate, decline, or transport product. As part of Key's integrated solutions, we build transfer conveyors specifically designed for your industry.