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Evidence of Insurance Coverage

Evidence of current insurance coverage for Key Technology, Inc. and/or our subsidiaries can be found by clicking on the following link. By accessing the link below you will be able to print a hard copy of our current insurance coverage for your files.

Please note that the Evidence of Coverage (EOC) provides Blanket Additional Insured status when required by written contract or agreement.

Click here to access the EOC.

This posting of Key Technology, Inc.’s coverages in the form of an EOC will take the place of a certificate issued with your organization as the certificate holder, and as such, Key Technology, Inc.  will no longer be issuing individualized Certificates of Insurance.

Similar to a Certificate of Insurance, an Evidence of Coverage (EOC) does not confer rights upon the EOC recipient with respect to the policies described.

The policies are in force as of the date printed on the EOC. Neither Marsh USA nor the insurance carrier(s) listed in the EOC has an obligation to notify the site access or the EOC recipient of subsequent policy cancellation.

If you need any additional information or our insurance information in a different form please contact:

Ginger Petty
Senior Administrator
Key Technology, Inc. | USA
Tel: +1 509 394 3203