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For decades, Key Technology has developed innovative solutions for food processors around the world to help maximize product quality, increase yield and improve productivity. For uniform, debris-free raisins, prunes, apples, apricots, and other dried fruits, look for Key ways to convey, inspect, size grade, scale feed, meter, and more.


Results for Dried Fruit

  • Veryx Digital Sorting Platform VERYX® Digital Sorting Platform

    The all-new VERYX® digital sorting platform, is a suite of belt-fed and chute-fed sorters that offer high-performance capabilities. As the world’s most intelligent sorting platform, VERYX improves product quality and maximizes yields.

  • Air Cleaner - Aspirator Air Cleaner

    Simple and efficient, the Air Cleaner separates your product from leaves, stems, chaff, or other light trash.

  • Cayman Hyperspectral BioPrint Sorter Cayman BioPrint Sorter

    The Cayman® BioPrint® sorter detects biological characteristics of each object, resulting in the most accurate sort even when defective product or foreign material are similar to good product in color, texture or shape.

  • Iso-Flo Collection Shaker Collection Conveyors

    Conveyors that gently collect product from other processing machines to minimize damage and converge product flow.

  • Iso-Flo Feed Conveyors

    Feed conveyors optimally present your product to the next piece of processing equipment to maximize yield and improve performance of the downstream equipment.

  • Food Pump System Food Pumping System

    The Hydro-Flo Food Processing Pump transfers food products by using water as a transport medium to elevate and convey many products quickly and gently.

  • Iso-Flo Grader Grading, Sizing and Separating Conveyors

    Grading, sizing and separating are essential functions to your processing line.

  • Optyx 6000 Digital Sorter Optyx Digital Camera/Laser Sorter

    The Optyx® family of belt sorters is ideal for medium to low capacity applications. Configurable with a range of sensor options for single or double-sided viewing of the product stream, Optyx precisely sorts and manages separation of the product into two or three sort streams helping food processors achieve their quality objectives at maximum yield.

  • Python Digital Sorter Python Smart Laser Sorter

    Python sorters are available in a range of configurations for single or double-sided inspection of dry, fresh or processed food products. Python sorters leverage the superior product control of Key’s patented Chycane chute, fully digital laser scanners and camera with intelligent shape algorithms to ensure high sort efficiency.

  • Spyder Spyder Digital Laser Sorter

    Spyder® sorters are available in a range of configurations for single or double-sided inspection of dry, fresh or processed food products. Spyder sorters leverage the superior product control of Key’s patented Chycane chute fully digital laser scanners to ensure high sort efficiency.

  • Taurys Digital Sorter Taurys Advanced Laser Sorter

    Taurys™ is the most advanced, high volume laser sorter on the market delivering the highest removal efficiency and lowest false positive rates for sorting of nuts, dried fruit and fresh and IQF vegetables and fruit.

  • Half-wide Tegra Tegra In-Air Digital Sorter

    Key’s Tegra® belt sorters are available in various configuration and sizes with 100% in-air viewing to address the unique sort requirements of each customer’s food processing application. Tegra’s sensors deliver an all-around view of each object in the product stream, resulting in optimal removal efficiencies and maximum process yield.

  • Tote Bin Dumper Tote Bin Dumper

    One of the most efficient ways to transfer product to the next processing step is a Key Tote Bin Dumper system. These rugged, versatile systems come in many designs, from a single-station tote dumper to multiple units used for mixing and combining bulk products.