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Frequently Asked Questions - Key Technology, Inc. and Visys NV Merger

Why is the merger good for Key Technology?

The merger of Key Technology and Visys creates the most complete suite of high-performance digital sorting technologies available for food and other industrial markets. The merger gives Key Technology a clear competitive advantage and provides a broad global customer base with an unprecedented mix of products, solutions and services.

What will be the benefit for customers?

Customers will benefit significantly through Key Technology’s one-stop shop for best-in-class sorting solutions, including the highest performing chute-fed and belt-sorting systems, that maximize yields and quality while reducing operating costs and minimizing inefficiencies.

As Key and Visys integrate R&D, customers will benefit from acceleration in the development and deployment of next-generation sorting technology.  Plus, customers in industries beyond Key’s core food processing market may be able to apply and benefit from Key’s innovations.

How will this merger increase shareholder value?

The merger will solidify Key Technology’s status as the industry leader in sorting solutions and position the company for future sales growth on a global scale. The growth in business and accelerated development and deployment of next-generation sorting technology will propel the company forward and directly increase shareholder value.

What new industries are you looking to enter?

Key and Visys will focus on Key's core customers in processed potatoes, fruits and vegetables as well as Visys' core customers in nuts and dried fruit. Other contiguous opportunities are being analyzed and prioritized based upon future revenue and profitability.

Are you looking into future acquisitions as part of your growth strategy?

Acquisitions or partnerships will be part of our growth strategy if they clearly bring new technologies and relationships that will enhance sustainable growth and profitability. Key will continue to identify and pursue additional acquisitions that we believe will be beneficial to our shareholders, customers and employees. We will not consummate acquisitions just for the sake of building volume.

What do Visys’ strengths bring?

Visys provides field-proven digital sorting technology for the food processing and waste recycling industries. The company's chute-fed designs, technical expertise in laser scanners, hyperspectral-based BioPrint detection technology, and emerging data fusion define the Visys team. Based in Belgium, Visys has important European customer base and an emerging market in the U.S. The young company’s vibrant culture of innovation has helped fuel several pioneering technologies.

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