A newsletter providing Key Technology customers with industry information, product information, tips and advice on keeping your Key equipment operating at peak performance. These short articles will provide insight to industry standards and best practices, new or updated products, snippets of "how-to" knowledge and general advice on our recommended best practices for operating and maintaining your Key Equipment.

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Recent Editions

September 2015
Locating System Information Plus Service Bulletin and Part Sales Updates

August 2015
Troubleshooting Optyx, Tegra and Manta Sorter Temperature Issues

July 2015
Maintaining Temperature Control for Optimal Sorting Performance

June 2015
Safety Awareness Tips for Working with Key Technology Equipment

May 2015
Shaker Failure and How to Prevent It

April 2015
The Internet of Things

March 2015
The Role RGB Cameras, Laser Detectors, and Hyperspectral Imaging Play in Defect Removal

February 2015
Lighting Technology and its Impact on the Operation of your Sorter

January 2015
Process Improvement Planning and New Service Features

December 2014
How To Prevent Clogging in Your Cooling System

October 2014
Ensuring Minimal Downtime Through Maintenance Planning