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PROliance Service Advisor

April 2017

Spring cleaning is good practice for both your home and your plant, too. In this edition of the Service Advisor, we will be giving you a few tips on getting your equipment in order ahead of the coming season. We also have exciting news about our Service Team.

Seasonal Maintenance

Whether you are getting ready for start-up, storage, or operate year-round, regular inspection of your sorters and shakers ensures efficient operation and prevents unscheduled downtime. Here are some things you should check during your scheduled maintenance activities:

Sorter Inspection

  • Check to ensure doors close and latch and that gaskets are securely in place and in good condition.
  • Verify that lights and the Emergency Stop button are in working condition.
  • Check electronics, cameras and lasers to confirm they are working and that the correct software is installed.
  • Confirm that Air and Water pressure are set to correct levels.
  • Check that the thermostats are set correctly and incoming water temperature is correct.
  • Check chiller refrigerant level and confirm that chiller is working properly (if present).
  • Inspect infeed conveyor belt and frame for wear and damage - there should be no fraying or discoloration. Verify that the belt is tracking properly.
  • Inspect the Ejection System- check that the air pressure is correct and that all valves are working.
  • Check the Lighting System to be sure that lamps are installed correctly and operating.
  • Inspect the Vision System – Verify that cameras and lasers are properly. normalized and aligned and that windows are free of stains and/or scratches.

Vibratory Conveyor Inspection

  • Inspect the bed and frame for cracks.
  • Check the condition of spring arms, shims and isolators.
  • Confirm the shaker is operating at the correct speed and stroke.
  • Replace belts on Iso-Flo belt driven drives.
  • Check that distribution gates are properly adjusted and operate smoothly.
  • Be sure screens fit tightly and that clamps hold them securely.

These are just a few of the items our technicians cover in our pre-season equipment audit. Call us today to schedule one with your local technician and ensure you’re ready for the season ahead.

As you organize and prepare for the processing season, it is also good practice to have contact information for your suppliers easily accessible. Print and cut out this service information card for quick access to our help desk telephone numbers.

Service Contact Info 

Our Service Help Desk is open 24-hours a day Monday through Friday.

Weekend emergency support is also available through our global support number +1 877 878 4631.

Expanding Our Team To Support You Better

Our global customer support team is growing to provide more technicians closer to our customers in the field. Key now has over 65 professionals on our service team to assist you with parts, service and training.

Recent additions to our field service team include:

 Stijn De Roo  Georg de Kroon  Marc-Andre Vachon
Stijn De Roo
Georg de Kroon
The Netherlands
Marc-André Vachon
Quebec, Canada

Watch for announcements of new technicians starting soon in The Netherlands and the UK! In the United States, we are currently recruiting for a technician in the Chicago area to expand our team in the Midwest.