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PROliance Service Advisor

May 2017

Skipping a step or two in a procedure may not seem like a big deal, but taking short cuts with your equipment can lead to unexpected consequences. In this issue of the Service Advisor we help you avoid disaster by telling you what not to do in every day operation and share some more exciting Service team news!

Your Everyday Don’ts

Recently, a software vendor whose product collects data about equipment conditions and incidents, shared a story about a manufacturer that was experiencing a high rate of broken parts. The data collected indicated it was due to the operators not shutting the machine down properly to take breaks. We hear of similar incidents with Key Technology equipment, so we decided to share a list of simple “Don’ts” to help prevent unnecessary damage and keep your equipment performing optimally.

  • Do not use the Emergency Stop to take a break. Sorting should be turned off using the on/off button on the UI to avoid damage to computers and electronics.
  • Do not load new software, KeyWare® or updates without making a backup first.
  • Do not load new software, KeyWare or updates unless the sorter is functioning properly as it will be difficult to determine whether issues that may arise are related to the new software or not.
  • Do not load Laser Scanner KeyWare into a camera or Camera KeyWare into a laser scanner. Neither will work.
  • Do not clean the sorter windows with scratch pads, sponges, squeegees (unless supplied by Key Technology), or other “cleaning tools”, as they may leave scratches that impact the sorter’s performance. Instead, use a clean, soft cloth. To remove hard water stains, we recommend a product called “Shooter” which can be ordered from Key Parts Sales (part number: 1042695).


Clean and Dirty Camera Responses


  • Do not use a dirty, scratched or discolored Normalization tool during the camera Normalization and Learn Light process as this will set the gains too high or apply them unevenly, resulting in poor image quality.


Background Rollers


  • Do not use the Master Disconnect switch on the sorter as the “Shutdown” switch. This can cause the computers and other electronics to “crash” and require replacement. Follow the Shutdown procedure in the Technical Manual.
  • Do not bypass the thermostats as it will result in complete failure of the computer and electronics.
  • Do not give everyone on your team or untrained personnel login credentials to the user interface. Set up unique logins and restrict what each person can do. The sorter is very flexible, but requires care when making changes.
  • Do not make adjustments to the Ejector Delays. Key Technicians set the Delay for each defect and foreign material category. The Delay is the time from when the camera or laser sees the object to when the ejector fires.
  • Generally, this does not change. If the sorter is not ejecting objects, check the size setting then try increasing the Duration slowly.
  • Do not neglect water and oil in your compressed air. This can shorten the life span of ejectors and electronics inside the sorter. A good air dryer and oil separator will not only extend the life of sorter components, but also other equipment in the plant that uses compressed air.
  • Do not neglect the air and water filters. Inspect them frequently and change as needed.
  • Do not touch the Contrast Bar between the Blob Selection and Segmentation views when making adjustments. This can cause the right hand side to become all black or all white, making it appear that you cannot take a picture. If this does occur, touching the Contrast Bar in the middle will fix it.
  • Do not operate shakers without screens in place. If you need to dump product to a tote or other conveyor, use a screen that has an opening across the entire width. The screen adds to the rigidity of the bed to prevent cracking and holds the clamps in place to prevent damage to them.
  • Do not operate a shaker with only one electric vibrator motor (EVM). This can cause broken arms and cracks in the frame and bed.
  • Do not replace shaker arms one at a time. Always replace them in pairs with one on each side of the bed. A single arm replacement adds stress to the existing ones, causing failure.

Now that we have given you a list of what not to do, visit our archive of PROLiance Service Advisor articles for exclusive tips on what you should do and remember: always refer to the technical manual! Find one for your equipment.

Additional Field Service Technicians in Europe

Our global customer support team is growing to provide more technicians closer to our customers in the field. We have expanded our service capabilities in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom with an additional dedicated Field Service Engineers.

Gino Taihuttu will be based in our Beusichem, The Netherlands office and will serve customers throughout Europe. Gavin Handbury is based in the Midlands region of England, serving customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

Gino Taihuttu  Gavin Handbury 
Gino Taihuttu
The Netherlands
Gavin Handbury
United Kingdom

Their responsibilities include commissioning, maintenance, troubleshooting and emergency support for our entire product line including our newly introduced VERYX® digital sorting systems.

We are dedicated to providing best-in-class after-sales service to our valued customers to ensure that you get the most out of your Key Technology equipment. Our Service Team can be reached through our 24-hour Call Center. Contact them today to get information on your installed equipment, detailed spare part quotations, or to schedule a service visit.