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Service Advisor

October 2018

Whether the leaves are falling or the flowers are blooming where you are, the changing of the seasons means one thing- it’s time for routine maintenance! In this edition of the Service Advisor we are focusing on the maintenance activities that you should be performing on your sorting and conveying equipment in the coming weeks.

Fall and Spring

Routine Maintenance

Fall and spring are great times to perform routine maintenance activities. The seasonal processor’s job is not complete until the equipment is properly prepared for storage for the winter and year-round processors need to ensure their equipment is ready to keep on going.

If you are a seasonal processor, proper storage procedures and specifications for your equipment can be found in your technical manual. These are found online at Always read and understand all safety procedures and guidelines before performing any maintenance activities.

Don’t forget to include an audit of your spare parts in your annual maintenance activities!

Service Technicians and VERYXSorter Maintenance Tips:

Lighting, Cameras and Lasers – Inspect windows for stains and scratches, replace as needed. Verify all lamps are on, or note those that need to be replaced.

Note: If the storage environment does not meet the temperature and humidity specifications, remove cameras, lasers, electronics, computers and UPS and store in an environment within specifications.

Conveyor Belt – Remove, clean and store. Inspect and clean rollers, motor and gears. Lubricate as needed, plan for replacement the following season, if needed.

Ejector valves – Run a cycle test and replace defective valves, or plan for replacement.

Air and Water Filters – Verify system holds air and water pressure at recommendations. Remove and replace, or plan for replacement the following season, if needed.

Clean-In-Place (CIP) System – Ensure CIP is working properly, check wipers and cylinders, verify nozzle orientation and spray function, inspect brushes or squeegees. Replace as needed, or plan for replacement the following season.

Housing – Clean all exterior surfaces following your company’s procedures for use of cleaning agents and personal protective equipment (PPE). Check and replace all door gaskets, as needed, to ensure proper closure and seal. If the sorter is equipped with a laser scanner, check all safety interlock switches for proper operation.

Spare Parts – We recommend you have the following spare parts on hand for your sorter:

  • Air and water filters
  • Computer/processing boards
  • Background rollers (laser equipped)
  • Air valves
  • Lighting modules or lamps
  • Conveyor belt and nose roller (belt-fed sorters)

Vibratory Conveyor (Shaker) Maintenance Tips:

Clean and sanitize the entire shaker ensuring no product residue or debris remains following your company’s procedures for the use of cleaning agents and required PPE. Thoroughly rinse to remove all caustic agents used in the cleaning process.

Bed and Frame – Check for any signs of wear or damage and repair immediately. For large cracks, consult with Key about repair or replacement prior to operating. Inspect all screens clamps, screen pockets, gates, diverters, cylinders and valves for proper fit and operation.

Cracked Shaker Bed and Frame 

Arm Springs and Isolators – Inspect and identify arm springs for replacement at seasonal shutdown. Order new arms springs for the next seasonal startup. Check and replace as necessary before seasonal startup and during operation.

Iso-Drives – Drain and replace oil prior to seasonal startup. Replace drive belt annually. Confirm sheave, motor alignment and belt tension. Verify drive weight and motor belt guards are securely in place.

EVM Drives – Remove cover and verify weight settings.

Spare Parts – We recommend you have the following spare parts on hand for your vibratory conveyors:

  • StrongArm™ spring arms
  • Phenolic shims
  • Backing plates
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Bolt-on arm brackets (if apppropriate)
  • Iso-Drive® and/or drive motor

Remember we are here to help! Contact us if you need assistance with maintenance activities or if you are running low on spare parts.

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