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Service Advisor

September 2018

Reliability is generally used to describe equipment that operates consistently and meets expectations. However, equipment that has a reputation for being reliable still needs attention. Routine maintenance that focuses on preventing main failure modes of important functions of a piece of equipment ensures reliability. In this edition of the Service Advisor we will be discussing reliability maintenance, the new and improved design of our Vector-LockTM screen clamp, and a special giveaway offer!

Reliability Maintenance

Reliability begins with design, but once the equipment is running in the plant, operators and other line personnel who monitor the line daily (or even hourly) should be trained to identify anomalies.

Generally, the first indicator of a problem will be sound. Processing lines are noisy, but when something changes, it can generally be heard, or better yet felt. Sound is just vibrations our ears “feel”. When a vibratory shaker is out of tune, generally the people that are near it on a regular basis can feel it and know something is not right. In addition to sound or vibration, checking the stroke indicator on the bed will help identify when a shaker is out of tune.

Another common problem is loose screen clamps. If a screen clamp is not locked securely in place it can lead to a variety of problems, such as cracked beds, worn down supports, broken screens, broken clamps and broken clamp weldments.

 Worn Screen Support and Missing Clamp

A few conditions that line personnel should be trained to identify and communicate to maintenance are:

  • Weak or broken spring arms
  • Broken bolts
  • Slipping belts
  • Failing motors
  • Cracked frame or bed
  • Out of tune (running at an incorrect speed or stroke)

 Cracked Shaker Bed

If you need help making sure your personnel are reliability masters we can help! Our service team offers affordable, flexible and convenient online and instructor-led training options for your equipment operators. Courses available in Spanish, Dutch, German, French and English, contact our team today to inquire about training options for your plant!

New Vector-Lockā„¢ Clamp

The new and improved design of our Vector-Lock screen clamps feature hook geometry that provides over-center latching with a positive engaging hook that ensures screens stay in place and prevents “auto-unlatching” of the clamp. The new Vector-Lock utilizes the same weldment and spring for a completely compatible upgrade to existing shakers. Contact our parts team to upgrade your clamps today and ask for the following Part Numbers:

Long Handle Clamp - #1169550
Short Handle Clamp - #1190429

Giveaway! Free Stainless Steel Grounding Arm

Do you need an extra hand? How about an arm? While supplies last, we are offering you another chance to get a free stainless steel grounding arm for your vibratory conveyor.

  • Available in all sizes - 8”, 10”, 11”, 12” and 14” to match your StrongArm™ spring arms
  • Simple Installation - mounts easily to the bed and frame brackets on Iso-Flo®, Impulse® and Marathon™ vibratory conveyors
  • Sanitary Design - No flat surfaces for liquid or product pooling
  • Easy Cleaning - Open design allows for easy wash down
  • Durable - Dissipates stress evenly for longer life

Request yours today!