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SYMETIX®, Key’s pharmaceutical product line, provides automated inspection and specialized conveying systems to help manufacturers of solid dose products—capsules, tablets, and softgels—safeguard product security, quality, and regulatory compliance.


Results for Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical

  • Impulse Size Grader Conveyor Impulse/P Vibratory Size Grader

    Designed specifically for solid-dose pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers, Impulse®/P vibratory size graders combine gentle electromagnetic power and high-speed/high-throughput design to maximize softgel, capsule and tablet quality.

  • PulseScrubber PulseScrubber Continuous Softgel Polishing System

    Designed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers, this system polishes capsules by removing excess oil used in the encapsulation process, to improve product presentation.

  • Symetix Symetix Automated Inspection & Continuous Processing Solutions

    SYMETIX® provides world-class automated inspection and processing systems that enable you to meet commercial, marketplace, and regulatory demands efficiently and profitably.

  • VeriSym Optical Inspection System VeriSym Optical Inspection System

    The high capacity VeriSym® Optical Inspection System is designed to verify softgel capsules and tablets by color, size and shape and remove defects and foreign doses from the product stream.

  • VeriSym SE VeriSym SE Optical Inspection System

    VeriSym® is designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries to verify softgels in batch mode or continuously in-line after a single encapsulator.