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Product Finder


Our industry experience, processing knowledge and application expertise make for robust capabilities to help food processors improve quality, increase yield and reduce cost. Our broad product line includes advanced process systems that seamlessly integrate with other Key equipment for efficient grading, cooling, mixing, and preparation.


Results for Processing

  • Air Cleaner - Aspirator Air Cleaner

    Simple and efficient, the Air Cleaner separates your product from leaves, stems, chaff, or other light trash.

  • Food Pump System Food Pumping System

    The Hydro-Flo Food Processing Pump transfers food products by using water as a transport medium to elevate and convey many products quickly and gently.

  • Potato Halver Potato Halver

    The Potato Halver cuts too-long potatoes in half crosswise, so that french fry processors can simply and efficiently increase yield, achieve length specifications, and prevent product length-related packaging problems.

  • Rotary Size Grader Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems

    This line of versatile roller sizers and graders enables food processors to transfer and classify product efficiently—while removing field debris, broken pieces, seeds, juice, fines, and other targeted material.

  • Small Piece Remover Small Piece Remover

    The Small Piece Remover is an open-bed design machine with integral frame and endless sizing belt, used to separate smaller pieces of product from line flow.

  • Tote Bin Dumper Tote Bin Dumper

    One of the most efficient ways to transfer product to the next processing step is a Key Tote Bin Dumper system. These rugged, versatile systems come in many designs, from a single-station tote dumper to multiple units used for mixing and combining bulk products.

  • Upright Length Sizer Upright Length Sizer

    The Upright Length Sizer removes short potatoes and transfers long potatoes to the Potato Halver for crosswise cutting.

  • VegMix System Veg-Mix System

    For product mixing challenges, Key’s fully integrated Veg-Mix™ System comes complete with dumping, de-clustering, metering, mixing, conveying, and controls to ensure proper mixing of your product.