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ADR® 5 Upgrade

Years ago, you made a smart investment by installing a Key Technology ADR® II or ADR® III. Now you can extend its life and value with the ADR® 5 Upgrade that gives your existing system state-of-the-art capabilities.

The ADR® 5 Upgrade enables powerful new performance now and in the future—without line rebuilds. You’ll see reduced maintenance costs, boosted throughput and yield, and better product.

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ADR 5® Upgrade ADR 5® Upgrade ADR 5® Upgrade

Features and Benefits


  • Optimal performance while reducing the maintenance cost with The CleanBelt CIP system 
  • Air-actuated knives; valve lifetime is multiplied
  • Decrease cutterwheel overhaul frequency
  • No racking with pinned carousel
  • Long-life, solid state LED lighting; No bulbs to change, calibration is practically eliminated
  • Protected electronics; fully sealed camera/lamp housing prevents accidental misalignment or damage
  • Simplified touchscreen user interface; easy to train operators
  • Continued easy/economical upgrades with modular vision platform

Improve Yield with “SmartCutting”

  • SmartCutting eliminates waste—throw a single knife to remove end defects and to selectively cut good fries in half without waste
  • Reduce white cut rate—up to 50% decrease in white cube
  • Reduce downstream breakage of overlong fries
  • Eliminate wounded steak cuts—ADR® 5 uses 2 side-by-side blades where needed

Increase Capacity

  • Step up product flow—process up to 16,000 lbs (7.7 metric tons) every hour
  • Control quality without overloading an ADR®, even during late storage processing

Gain Excellent Quality Control

  • Remove smaller defects—G6 tri-chromatic Vis/IR cameras provide high-resolution, 1024-pixel vision
  • Assure quality faster—identify peel, good flesh and defects simultaneously at 4,000 scans/sec... performance unmatched in the industry today
  • Get the green out with Vis/IR technology that can also work efficiently on peel-on product

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