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Frame Materials and Finishes

Iso-Flo® Vibratory Conveyors  and Imspulse® Electromagnetic Conveyors are available with frames of Type 304 and 316 stainless steel, painted mild steel, or thermal-plastic coated mild steel. Meticulously finished, they are easy to clean and keep clean. Stainless steel frames have a handsome blasted finish. Mild steel frames can be painted with Superlife-316® (a liquid stainless steel coating) or durable epoxy paint. Or consider Key’s exclusive thermoplastic coating, designed to withstand today’s strong cleaning chemicals. As attractive as a painted finish, our thermoplastic coating is the most durable, easiest to repair, and most chemical- and corrosion-resistant finish available.

Thermoplastic Coating

  • Exclusive to Key Technology
  • Cost-effective: stronger, more durable and chemical resistant
  • Casual-contact medium duty and heavy duty
  • Food-grade UV protected
  • Adheres to material at 1,200 psi
  • USDA approved, 100% food grade
  • Key blue, orange, white, and gray available in 100% food grade
  • Simple repair; kit available from Key
  • No flaking, chipping, oxidizing or recoating
  • Withstands new, stronger cleaning chemicals
  • Completely inert and nontoxic

Mild Steel with Superlife-316®

  • Liquid stainless steel coating, corrosion resistant and durable
  • Tough acrylic emulsion pigmented with alloy 316 stainless steel flake
  • Low-sheen metallic gray color resembles stainless steel
  • Three layers deep—one primer coat and two paint coats
  • Used by french-fry and vegetable processors when less costly option to stainless steel is acceptable
    USDA approved

Mild Steel—Painted Epoxy

  • Tough, durable—excellent for wipe-down cleaning normally required in snack or cereal packaging distribution systems
  • Three layers—one primer coat and two paint coats
  • Proven in years of service in snack food plants
  • Available in a choice of colors

Type 304 or 316 Stainless Steel

  • Excellent corrosion resistance when exposed to most raw materials, ingredients, and cleaning agents used in food processing
  • Handsome, practical blasted finish
  • USDA approved

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