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Frame Styles

Frame Styles

Key’s vibratory conveyors can be configured with many cost-effective frame styles to solve the toughest application and line layout challenges.

Frame Styles Frame Styles

Typical design features include:

  • Tubular-style frame construction
  • Large open area below and ahead of discharge
  • Out-of-the-way drive system, below infeed area
  • Infeed flexibility

Below Bed Frame

  • Conventional design; frame and drive are below bed
  • Easy bed access for inspection and cleanup

Diagonal Frame

Partial Cantilever Frame

Above Bed Frame

Z” Cantilever Frame

Low Profile Frame

  • Solid plate frame reduces vertical height as much as 20% compared to traditional tubular frame construction
  •  Designed for ease of sanitization and wipe down


  • For Key’s electric vibratory motor conveyors
  • Ideal for layouts with limited space 

Plate Frame

  • Economical design
  • Simple assembly lowers installation costs

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