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Pan Configurations

Iso-Flo® Vibratory Conveyor and impulse® Electromagnetic Conveyor pans can be configured to fit almost any need, from straight conveying to splitting and maintaining product flow in two or more streams. For instance, use multi-lane beds with fixed or adjustable dividers with Key’s gates and diverters and manual or pneumatic slide gates to create a distribution shaker. Or use conveying second decks to receive and convey segregated product for grading and scalping applications.


Fixed Multilane Pan Adjustable Multilane Gates Conveying Second Deck

Fixed Multilane Pans

  • Divide, channel, and feed product for almost any application
  • Pans to 1829 mm (72") wide
  • Many lane cross-sections

Adjustable Multilane Gates

  • Quick lane shut off
  • Manual or pneumatic available
  • Non-vibrating for long life

Conveying Second Decks

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    Common Vibratory Elements

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