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Diameter Sizer

Tough and reliable, the Diameter Sizer is used for both dry and wet receiving, and at the cutter deck for peeled potato products. It precisely grades product by diameter; or can be configured to remove dirt, rocks, and other undesirable materials. The field-proven Diameter Sizer has been in use for over 20 years. Hundreds are now in use in processing plants, grading beets, onions, carrots and potatoes.

The bed of the Diameter Sizer consists of a series of sizing rollers. Each roller comprises a steel shaft and “finger” style rubber rollers spaced at a calculated distance along the shaft. The “fingers” from each sizing roller mesh with those of the adjacent rollers, creating a hole at each mesh point where targeted product falls through to discharge under the machine. The rollers turn in the direction of line flow, conveying remaining product to discharge at the end of the machine.

Frequently used in Conjunction with Flite Roller Table and/or Length Sizer for Potatoes The Diameter Sizer Grades Product by Diameter, or Removes Dirt, Rocks, and Other Undesirable Materials The Diameter Sizer is Frequently Used for Dry Receiving, Wet Receiving, and at the Cutter Deck for Peeled Potato Products

Features and Benefits

Accurate Sizing

  • On-the-fly fine-tuning of size
  • Sizing typically can be adjusted by ±13 mm (±1/2") from the user-selected target diameter
  • 95% or better efficiency

Rapid Payback

  • Consistent, accurate sizing enables the processor to direct sized product to highest-value uses
  • Gentle product handling. Rubber finger rollers absorb shock, virtually eliminate product damage at infeed
  • No pinch points at discharge to damage or shear product
  • Better yield and product quality
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