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Length Sizer

The Length Sizer is an efficient method to recover longer potatoes from a “pee wee” or eliminator stream. It also precisely length grades for specialty-cut products and is used on wet, washed (no rocks), unpeeled potatoes.

The system uses a series of rotating steel shafts with rubber rollers, arranged in pairs. The first shaft in each pair uses our proprietary flite roller, and the second uses our proprietary interlocking paddle wheel rollers and discs, to form specific size pockets. Potatoes of the target length and within the defined major and minor diameter limitations settle into the pockets, rotate between the pairs of rollers, and drop out under the machine. Longer potatoes are conveyed to the end of the machine for discharge to downstream equipment.

Length Sizer is Factory Set to Select out Whole Potatoes Of or Under the Target Length Potato Sizing Equipment Manufactured by Key Technology Length Sizer for Whole Potato Processing

Features and Benefits

Accurate Sizing

  • Factory set to select out whole potatoes of or under the target length—customer selects size parameters
  • 90% efficiency typical, within ±13 mm (±1/2") accuracy at design capacity and operating parameters
  • Potato diameter affects efficiency; perform general diameter grading before length sizing
  • “Six paddle” roller targets shorter length potatoes with maximum major diameter of 51 mm (2") and maximum minor diameter of 44 mm (1 3/4")

Easy Operation

  • Easy, on-the-fly adjustment for fine-tuning length grading
  • Flexibility to fine tune for potato length and diameter variability within unit configuration and design parameters
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