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Rotary Size Grader

The proprietary Rotary Size Grader removes short pieces, nubbins, loose seeds, and snipped ends of vegetables while conveying good product to downstream equipment. The rotary bed consists of a series of pocket rollers, each with a stainless steel shaft and specific combinations of patented rubber rollers and plastic disks that create the pockets. As the pocket rollers rotate, target-size product settles in the pockets and passes through the bed to be discharged under the machine. Good product is conveyed to the end of the machine.

The Rotary Size Grader is ideal for small to medium size product to be classified by length or volume. It is used for full line flow, re-grading, and line flow directly from automatic defect removal systems such as Key’s ADR® line for french fries.

Upgrade now available for older Rotary Size Graders.

The Rotary Size Grader is a Successful Option to Vibratory Graders Rotary Size Grader for Potato and Vegetable Sizing The Rotary Size Grader is Ideal for Small to Medium Size product to be Classified by Length or Volume

Features and Benefits

Precise Sizing

  • “Stirring” action of the rotary bed moves target-size product into sizing pockets
  • Successful option to vibratory graders
  • Up to 95% removal of defects
  • Consistent sizing and absolute control
  • Customer selects target size parameters

Easy Adjustment

  • Simple on-the-fly adjustment for rapid fine-tuning
  • Remove safety guard and bolts to exchange five pocket rollers for rollers targeting a different length

Low Maintenance, Operation, and Installation Costs

  • Compact: efficient use of plant space
  • Transmits little vibration: simple, inexpensive installation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy access and simple maintenance
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