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Sliver Sizer Remover

The Sliver Sizer Remover is a unique rotary-style machine that transfers product and separates/removes targeted material using a series of precision-machined stainless steel rollers. The size for separation or removal, selected by the customer, is determined by the gap between rollers—targeted product falls through the rollers and exits beneath the machine, while remaining material moves on to downstream equipment over the tops of the rollers.

The Sliver Sizer Remover is widely used for removing slivers, fines, and chips; precision sizing and grading; de-juicing and deseeding; and removing debris. It operates efficiently for both small whole product and pieces such as cubes, dices, slices, wedges, fries, spears, sticks, and julienne strips.

Upgrade now available for older Sliver Sizer Removers.

Key's Line of French Fry Processing Equipment Includes the Sliver Sizer Remover The Sliver Sizer Remover Offers Precision Adjustment to Within Thousanths of an Inch Order the Sliver Sizer Remover Online!

Features and Benefits

Precise Sizing

  • Efficient sizing and separation; no screens to bind or plug
  • Precision adjustment within thousandths of an inch
  • Stainless steel rollers machined to exacting tolerances
  • Consistent sizing and absolute control

Easy Operation

  • On-the-fly adjustment for rapid fine-tuning
  • Fast changeover from one product or cut to another on the same machine

Low Maintenance

  • Long-life stainless steel rollers
  • Rollers are self-cleaning on most products
  • Few moving components
  • Easy access to bearing, sprockets, chain, and adjusting

Easy, thorough sanitation

  • Requires only a hose washdown
  • No slats to clean
  • No screens to change
  • No parts to remove
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