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Small Piece Remover

The Small Piece Remover is an open-bed design machine with integral frame and endless sizing belt, used to separate smaller pieces of product from line flow.

The machine is factory set at a six-degree slope from infeed to discharge. The belt uses molded, food-grade plastic slats with pockets to perform sizing. Running at a right angle to product flow, the sizing belt forms a trough where product travels through the machine. The rolling cross-flow movement gently mixes and encourages product transfer.

Small Piece Remover The Small Piece Removers Streamlined Design is More Efficient than Alternative Rotary-Style Separators The Small Piece Remover Allows for Seamless Integration with Other Key Technology Food Processing Equipment

Features and Benefits

Accurate Sizing

  • Mixing action ensures that target pieces contact the sizing slats for efficient removal
  • 98% effective, proven in field operation on baby whole carrots

Lower Costs

  • Streamlined design more efficient that alternative rotary style separators
  • Self-cleaning pockets eliminate the need for high pressure water and brush system to continuously clean pockets
  • Simple, open framework dramatically reduces cleanup and service time and complexity
  • Compact design reduces installation costs by using less plant area and simplifying installation

Seamless Integration With Other Key Products

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