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Hi-Flo Air Cleaner

Simple and efficient, the Hi-Flo Air Cleaner separates your product from light trash. The specially engineered separation chamber and diffuser grid system produce an equally distributed air pattern that improves separation and reduces residence time and damage from unnecessary product drops.

The balanced air pattern provides precise control, while higher velocity air flow along inlet and discharge openings creates negative air pressure to virtually eliminate escaping waste.  Discharged product is cleaner, free of leaves, stems, chaff, or other light trash.

Hi-Flo Air Cleaner - Energy Efficient Air Separator Hi-Flo Air Cleaner - Air Separator Frame Hi-Flo Air Cleaner - Quietest Air Separator in the Industry

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 25% more energy efficient than other air separators
  • No other air separator is quieter: 85 dBA average
  • Requires up to 47% less space than other air separators
  • Simple operation: one-hand vernier-style damper control permits fine tuning for maximum separation; inspection panels allow observation of chamber as air flow is adjusted
  • Versatile: extended air chamber or “drop-through” design
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