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Hydro-Flo Food Processing Pump

The Hydro-Flo Food Processing Pump transfers delicate food product by using water as a transport medium to elevate and convey many products quickly and gently. The water supports and serves as a protective cushion to the product being handled.  To go along with the Hydro-Flo Food Processing Pump, a complete pumping system is available to cool or convey processed products while reclaiming the water for another cycle.



Hydro-Flo Food Processing Pump - Replaces Belt Conveyors for Many Applications The Hydro-Flo Food Processing Pump Gently Washes Duriing Transport Hydro-Flo Food Processing Pumps Elevate Product Gently, Without Mechanical Damage

Features and Benefits

Flexible Installation

  • Convey horizontally, vertically, or both in the same system
  • Replaces belt conveyors for many applications

Multiple Uses

  • Transport several hundred feet
  • Cushion and transport delicate products
  • Elevate product gently, without mechanical damage
  • Preheat product before cutting, peeling, etc.
  • Hydro-cool product to remove field heat, after blanching, etc.
  • Apply additives (dextrose, SAPP, etc.) during transport
  • Gently wash during transport


  • Less space than elevating, bucket, or screw conveyors

Easy Upkeep

  • Smooth stainless steel tank for fast and thorough sanitation
  • Smooth all stainless steel frame—less upkeep; no repainting

Trouble-free Pump Unit

  • No clogging: single port impeller conveys in cushion of water
  • Iron cast pump: heavy wall section castings-better corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Pump available in stainless steel casting or with epoxy coating
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