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Insort Sherlock Observer Quality Control Monitor

Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) - Improving Quality

This highly innovative, patented technology reliably detects defects that are invisible to the human eye.  CIT analyzes the chemical differences between good potato and other objects to control processing. The Sherlock observer can be implemented as a high-precision in-line process control solution or as the ultimate quality checkpoint prior to product packaging. Quality parameters are recorded, processed and automatically linked to production batches.

Detect and Remove Foreign Materials With Superior Confidence

The Sherlock Observer accurately profiles good potatoes and potato strips using CIT’s full spectral analysis capabilities. This makes it possible to precisely detect and eject a broad range of foreign material (FM).  Anything that is chemically different to good potato material will be correctly identified as FM – including FM materials with similar color, shape, texture or density as good product.

Manage Peel Control Automatically, Maximizing Yield

The Observer peel scanning function monitors potatoes exiting the peeler and enables exact, dynamic control of the steam peeling process.   Process efficiency is increased and yield is maximized, ensuring no excess potato flesh is removed along with the skin.




  • Highly accurate foreign material detection and rejection
  • Set alarm or automatically dump FM content
  • Detection of peel coverage and dynamic control of the steam peeler to increase yield
  • Statistical ejection data
  • Lenght & Size Statistics


Typical Application

  • Whole potato monitoring after peeling to automatically control peeling process
  • In line final product quality check pre-packaging.


Sorting Excellence

Chemical Imaging Technology makes it possible to identify accurately and reliably specific defects and FM associated with potato processing.


Using a Sherlock Observer to monitor peel control, a leading potato processor was able to immediately increased yield and improved product quality, resulting in a project ROI of less than a year.


1000mm 8 metric tons (18,0000lbs)/hour for FM removal on frozen strips

2000mm 16 metric tons (35,000lbs)/hour for FM removal on frozen strips

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