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Manta® 2000 Laser & Camera Sorter

Manta® 2000 features a 2-meter (79-inch)  wide scan area that dramatically increases throughput within a space-saving footprint.  Sorting up to and beyond 20 metric tons (44,000 pounds) of processed vegetables or fruit per hour, Manta offers sub-millimeter resolution scanning to detect and remove the smallest defects and foreign material. 

Using color and/or Vis/IR cameras, Manta 2000 recognizes each object’s size and shape as well as millions of subtle color differences to remove defects based on user-defined reject standards.  Raptor lasers detect foreign material (FM) based on differences in the structural properties of the objects while FluoRaptor™ reliably detects foreign material (FM) based on differing levels of chlorophyll.  Combining cameras and lasers on one platform achieves the most comprehensive sort available in the market.

Designed for flexibility, Key can configure Manta with up to eight top-mounted color or Vis/IR (visible and infrared wavelength) cameras and up to two top-mounted lasers.  Optional bottom-mounted sensors can be added to meet the specific needs of each application. 

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Manta® 2000 Laser / Camera Sorter Manta® 2000 Laser / Camera Sorter Manta® 2000 Laser / Camera Sorter

Product Features

  • Laser sorting
  • Color sorting
  • HID, LED lighting
  • Combination laser & color sorting
  • Up to 14 different camera configurations
  • Single and/or two-sided viewing
  • Belt speeds up to 3 m/sec (600 ft/min)
  • Variable speed
  • Self-tensioning (auto)
  • Quick/easy change
  • Integrated and automatically controlled clean-in-place (CIP) system(s)
  • Air and water preparation on board
  • Chiller included
  • Integrated UPS power conditioning 

Sorter Reference Information

Key Technology | 150 Avery Street, Walla Walla, WA 99362 USA