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Optyx® 3000 Raptor Laser Sorter

Optyx® 3000-series sorters with Raptor Laser Technology, FluoRaptor™ Fluorescence-Sensing Laser Technology and NEW multiple wavelength Raptor Laser combinations—enable you to eliminate more of what you don't want in your product stream.  Their powerful combination with Key’s industry-leading camera technology provides you the most complete sorting solutions available.

Raptor and FluoRaptor™ Laser Sorting Technologies work inside the Optyx® 3000-series sorter to attack foreign material (FM) and defects with superior vision, intelligence and speed. FluoRaptor Laser Sorter adds the ability to sense varying levels of chlorophyll, detecting and removing extraneous vegetable matter (EVM) as well. Multiple wavelength laser combinations enhance the ability to differentiate between good product and unacceptable objects in processed and fresh-cut vegetables – increasing product quality and minimizing yield loss.

Raptor laser sorters are ideal for targeting glass, rocks, metal, rodents, insects and other field debris—as well as defects including subtle green tones in carrots and potatoes; pod, vine, and leaf in peas of the same color; husk and shank in corn; or core in iceberg, romaine, and cabbage.

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Trust Optyx® 3000 Raptor Laser Sorter To Detect Defects Including Subtle Green Tones In Carrots And Potatoes; Pod, Vine, And Leaf In Peas Of The Same Color; Husk And Shank In Corn; Or Core In Iceberg, Romaine, And Cabbage Optyx® 3000 Laser Sorting Inspection Systems Offer The Highest Resolution Laser Scanner In Food Sorting Today Optyx® 3000 Laserr Sorters Are Ideal For Targeting Glass, Rocks, Metal, Rodents, Insects And Other Field Debris

Features and Benefits


  • The highest resolution laser scanner in food sorting today allows aggressive targeting of defects, FM, and EVM with a scanning width of 610 mm (24”) and speeds up to six metric tons/hour.


  • Processors and consumers of dried and frozen fruit; fresh, frozen, or cooked vegetables; potato products; fresh-cut/leafy greens; tree nuts and other products benefit from enhanced food safety and quality.


  • Leveraging G6 image processing muscle, Raptor and FluoRaptor’s all-digital architecture delivers uncompromised data, driving the most advanced algorithms for complex sort decisions


  • Unlike other laser sorters, Key Technology’s patented user interface gives you the ability to see what Raptor sees. Intuitive, easy-to-use displays let you set criteria at the touch of a button

Process Control

  • FMAlert™ - an enhanced quality monitoring capability that allows processors to improve the tracking and control of foreign material (FM) by capturing FM occurrences in an event log with time and date stamp
  • OPC Communication Link - we can easily connect Key equipment to plant-wide networks enabling outbound and inbound communications to monitor and control equipment settings


  • The safest, and only Class 1, laser system in food sorting ensures optimal protection for your employees with an integrated, out-of-sight light emission source


  • Connect water, power and air…and be up and running


  • Adaptive Signal Processing automatically minimizes the need to adjust for system drift

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