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Optyx® 3000 Optical Sorter for Tobacco

Optyx® 3000 brings an economical alternative to automated optical inspection in tobacco recovery or lamina and stem inspection for removal of foreign material.

Advantages begin with the smaller price tag, smaller footprint—and extraordinarily quicker payback time. Maximum yields and profits start with the compact Optyx® 3000 when used to recover good tobacco from reject streams. And labor costs are minimal.

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Optyx® 3000 Optical Sorter for Tobacco Optyx® 3000 Optical Sorter for Tobacco Optyx® 3000 Optical Sorter for Tobacco

Features and Benefits

Upfront economy. Rapid payback

  • The Optyx® 3000 price tag is just the start of your savings. Look for fast return on investment from eliminating hand labor and recovering usable rejects from other sorter lines. Optyx® 3000 is also ideal for inspecting and removing foreign material from smaller-capacity line flows of stem and lamina (<1000 kg/hr).

More usable floor space

  • Compact Optyx® 3000 is unprecedented in its narrow profile. At just one meter wide, it slips easily into existing layouts.

Superlative sorting performance

  • Optyx® 3000 is configured for lower-volume requirements such as tobacco recovery. Camera options include full color and Vis/IR.

Brilliant color recognition

  • Powerful high intensity discharge (HID) lamps flood the inspection zone with light, while diffused illumination minimizes shadows. You get maximum vision and precision sorts.

Process Control

  • FMAlert™ - an enhanced quality monitoring capability that allows processors to improve the tracking and control of foreign material (FM) by capturing FM occurrences in an event log with time and date stamp
  • OPC Communication Link - we can easily connect Key equipment to plant-wide networks enabling outbound and inbound communications to monitor and control equipment settings

Simple set-up. Simple sanitation

  • Optyx® 3000 is self-contained, with no ancillary modules – just connect power/water/air… and sort.
  • Optyx® 3000 is extraordinarily sanitary: all surfaces are designed for easy access and cleaning.
  • The smooth “faceted” design has no horizontal surfaces to collect debris.

Sorter Reference Information

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