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Optyx® 3000 Optical Sorter

Processors of all sizes have the same criteria for flawless product.  With Key’s compact Optyx® 3000 optical sorter, smaller-volume processors can justify automated optical inspection—and achieve unmatched product quality in a small space and with a smaller investment.

Optyx® 3000 features the same camera, lighting, imaging, shape detection, and ejection technologies found in our Tegra® and Optyx® 6000 optical sorters—proportionately sized for lower volumes in a self-contained one-meter (42-inch) cabinet.

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Choose The Optyx® 3000 Optical Sorter For A Narrow Profile Unmatched Bo Other Industry Sorters Optyx® 3000 Optical Inspection Manufactured by Key Technology Rely On The Optyx® 3000 Optical Sorter To Eliminate Hand-Sorting Labor And To Recover Usable Rejects From Other Sorter Lines

Features and Benefits

Rapid Payback

  • Eliminate costly hand-sorting labor
  • Recover usable rejects from other sorter lines
  • Enhance product quality by accurately detecting and removing defects

Smaller Footprint

  • Narrow profile unmatched by other industry sorters
  • Only one meter wide
  • Slips easily into existing layouts

Simple User Interface

Process Control

  • FMAlert™ - an enhanced quality monitoring capability that allows processors to improve the tracking and control of foreign material (FM) by capturing FM occurrences in an event log with time and date stamp
  • OPC Communication Link - we can easily connect Key equipment to plant-wide networks enabling outbound and inbound communications to monitor and control equipment settings

Superlative Performance

  • Equipped with advanced laser, camera, lighting, vision engine, and ejection technologies
  • Camera/lighting options include full color, Vis/IR, and UV
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote operation and troubleshooting

Easy to Set-up, Simple Sanitation

  • System is self-contained with no ancillary modules
  • Just connect power, water, air and sort
  • Surfaces designed for easy access and total washdown
  • Minimal horizontal surfaces to collect debris

Sorter Reference Information

Key Technology | 150 Avery Street, Walla Walla, WA 99362 USA