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Optyx® 6000 Optical Sorter

Exceptional color recognition, easy access, and integrated controls characterize the next generation of this versatile and accurate on-belt optical inspection system.

Because product appeal, safety, and suitability-for-market can hinge on slight distinctions in color, Optyx® 6000 provides the opportunity to meet the most stringent criteria for the products you put in front of today’s consumer.

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Optyx® 6000 Optical Sorter Optyx® 6000 Optical Sorter Optyx® 6000 Optical Sorter

Features and Benefits

Advanced Cameras and Lighting

  • Options include full-color, Vis/IR or monochromatic cameras for maximum application-specific effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Multiple camera configurations optimized to meet your specific application needs.
  • Powerful high intensity discharge (HID) lamps flood the inspection zone with light.
  • Unlike fluorescent bulbs, HID lamps require no extra clearance for changing.
  • Camera, lighting and electronics housed in environmentally controlled enclosure.
  • Easy access to all maintenance points via sealed door and simple key.

Advanced Electrical Design

  • Integrated convenience/space-saving – graphical user interface and operator controls manufactured into system on either left or right side; saves valuable floor space and provides maximum plant flexibility.
  • One internal power conditioner package.

Simple User Interface

  • Simple-to-use high-resolution, multilingual, touchscreen monitor allows the operator to see what the sorter sees.
  • Operators quickly pinpoint defects and rapidly adjust to changes in product.
  • Remote setup capable over Ethernet.

Process Control

  • FMAlert™ - an enhanced quality monitoring capability that allows processors to improve the tracking and control of foreign material (FM) by capturing FM occurrences in an event log with time and date stamp.
  • OPC Communication Link - we can easily connect Key equipment to plant-wide networks enabling outbound and inbound communications to monitor and control equipment settings.

Precise Defect Removal

  • Powerful, high-speed air-blast ejectors placed close to the belt discharge and spaced for optimum sorting.
  • Defects are targeted for rejection, good product is retained.
  • Long-life ejector valves individually mounted for easy maintenance.

Remote Monitoring and Operation

  • Integrated OPC and VNC servers allow data collection and machine operation from your desk top or around the world.

Convenient Maintenance

  • Enclosure doors provide fast entry to enclosed camera, lighting, and electronic component maintenance points.
  • Automatic air tensioning ensures consistent on-belt tracking and minimizes wear on bearings.
  • Unique cantilevered design allows open access to the belt.
  • All surfaces designed for easy access and total washdown.

Sorter Reference Information

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