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Iso-Flo® Clearing Grader

The Iso-Flo® Clearing Grader’s double-deck screens separate peas or small berries such as cranberries or blueberries from debris as the product is conveyed. The upper deck eliminates pods, sticks, and similar material, and the slotted lower deck removes small, immature product, and fruit skins.  The clearing feature periodically raises the frequency of operation for a brief “pulse” that clears the screens of binding particles.

Simple to install, operate, clean, and maintain, the Clearing Grader has all Iso-Flo® features and benefits. It is quiet and reliable, operates at high capacity, and uses quick-change Vector-Lock™ screen clamps.

Today, more than 25,000 Iso-Flo units are in use worldwide. Smart Shaker® advancements including real-time SmartArm™ monitors, StrongArm™ spring arms, Forté™ controls and Predictive Maintenance programs provide up-to-the-minute opportunity for even more efficiency and long life.  This global record of superior reliability is backed by Key’s industry-leading 5-year warranty on all Iso-Flo conveyors, maximizing long-term return on your investment.

The Upper Deck of the Iso-Flo® Clearing Grader Eliminates Pods, Sticks, and Similar Material, and the Slotted Lower Deck Removes Small, Immature product, and Fruit Skins Key Technology Introduces Five-Year Warranty on Iso-Flo® and Impulse™ Vibratory Conveyors Destined for Customers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East /Images/products/smart-shaker/iso-flo-clearing-grader-04.jpg

Features and Benefits

Clearing Operation

  • One speed and stroke to grade
  • Another speed and stroke to clear the screens
  • Speeds and strokes custom set for the application
  • Allows automated and timed self-cleaning of screen and pan

Superior Design

  • Virtually vibration-free; requires minimal supports and virtually no vibration transfer to supports or building
  • Adaptable: install on mezzanines, floor, or ceiling mount
  • All stainless steel construction reduces maintenance and improves sanitation
  • Vector-Lock™ screen clamps are secure, change quickly, and simplify cleaning product zone
  • Parts interchangeability ensures compatibility with other Iso-Flo® products; reduces inventory

Systems Configuration

  • Match with Hi-Flo Air Cleaners for most effective cleaning
  • Trash chutes
  • Removable discharge chutes

    Common Product Applications

    • Blueberries
    • Cranberries
    • Green peas
    • Lima beans


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