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Iso-Flo® Cutter Feed Vibratory Conveyor

Key’s unique Iso-Flo® Cutter Feed system was developed specifically to feed the mechanical cutters used in many potato, cheese and vegetable processing plants. Our superior cutter-feed device is efficient, reliable and easy to maintain.  Its adaptable design enables it to fit seamlessly into the plant layout and production line with a simple, low-cost installation.

Today, more than 25,000 Iso-Flo units are in use worldwide. Smart Shaker® advancements including real-time SmartArm® monitors, StrongArm™ spring arms, Forté™ controls and Predictive Maintenance programs provide up-to-the-minute opportunity for even more efficiency and long life.  This global record of superior reliability is backed by Key’s industry-leading 5-year warranty on all Iso-Flo conveyors, maximizing long-term return on your investment.

Click here to learn about our online and instructor-led training courses for Iso-Flo® Cutter Feed Vibratory Conveyors.

The Iso-Flo® Cutter Feed Vibratory Conveyor Singulates and Aligns for Maximum Cutting Efficiency Key Technology Introduces Five-Year Warranty on Iso-Flo® and Impulse™ Vibratory Conveyors Destined for Customers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East The Iso-Flo® Cutter Feed Vibratory Conveyor Features Controllers on Each Lane for Simple Cutter Maintenance

Features and Benefits

Flexible Design

  • Feed one or several cutters
  • Right- and left-hand discharges
  • Manual or pneumatic controllers on each lane

Simple Sanitation

  • All stainless steel
  • Easy access to cutters

Efficiency, Cost Savings

  • Oblique delivery to cutters makes cutter action more efficient
  • Singulates and aligns for maximum cutting efficiency
  • Fewer waste cuts, slivers, and nubbins
  • Gentle handling, less product damage than with other cutter-feed devices
  • Controllers on each lane for simple cutter maintenance
  • Easier, less costly installation than belt-style or feed-screw systems
  • Lower maintenance costs than belt-style or feed-screw systems


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