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Iso-Flo® Flash Separation Vibratory Conveyor

Key’s Iso-Flo® Flash Separation Vibratory Conveyor is the simple, effective, no-hassle way to remove moils and tails during bottle production. It uses an efficient, proven method of separating large and small items and its easily adjustable “V” trough accommodates various bottle sizes. 

A part of Key's Smart Shaker® Vibratory Conveyor Family, the Flash Separation Conveyor requires far less maintenance than conventional flash separation methods that use belt or roller conveyors.

Today, more than 25,000 Iso-Flo units are in use worldwide. Smart Shaker® advancements including real-time SmartArm® monitors, StrongArm™ spring arms, Forté™ controls and Predictive Maintenance programs provide up-to-the-minute opportunity for even more efficiency and long life.  This global record of superior reliability is backed by Key’s industry-leading 5-year warranty on all Iso-Flo conveyors, maximizing long-term return on your investment.

Click here to learn about our online and instructor-led training courses for Iso-Flo® Flash Separation Vibratory Conveyors.

With an Iso-Flo® Flash Separation Vibratory Conveyor Immediate Separation Means Flash Will Not Stick to Bottle Key Technology Introduces Five-Year Warranty on Iso-Flo® and Impulse™ Vibratory Conveyors Destined for Customers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East The Iso-Flo® Flash Separation Vibratory Conveyor Features an Easy-adjust Slot in the Bottom of the V-pan to Remove a Variety of Flash Sizes

Features and Benefits

Quick Changeover

  • Easy-adjust slot in bottom of V-pan removes variety of flash sizes
  • No time-consuming rollers to adjust
  • Casters for mobility

Reduced Downtime and Maintenance

  • No conveyor belts or rollers
  • Few moving parts
  • Nothing to grease
  • Oil change every 2 years

Less Waste, Lower Costs

  • Immediate separation means flash will not stick to bottle
  • Close mating with blow molder eliminates waste on floor
  • Lower conveying deck recovers flash for recycling


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