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Sorting Overview

Key Technology's automated optical inspection systems provide processors with the most highly advanced sorting and quality control technology available today. This level of optical inspection, defect removal and monitoring power allows processors to improve product quality, increase productivity and minimize yield loss in order to seize a competitive advantage. 

Key's G6 electro-optical vision platform is the brain and eyes inside every Optyx®, Tegra® and Manta® sorting system. G6 takes defect and foreign material detection a step further. It allows you to replace only specific modules as new technologies arrive—not your entire sorter. This ensured migration path to the future extends and maximizes your long-term sorter ROI for new and existing machines.

Optyx®, Tegra® and Manta® sorting systems all recognize defects by color, shape and size…and more. Key’s proprietary color cameras, Raptor Laser Technology – now with versatile multiple wavelength lasers—and FluoRaptor™ fluorescence-sensing lasers can be combined to provide the industry’s most powerful removal of FM, EVM and product defects.  G6 standardizes modules and sorting capabilities across all lines for the industry's best migration path to the future...without exception.

Key's Proprietary Color Cameras Manta® 2000 Laser / Camera Sorter G6 Optical Sorter Electronics Rack
Optyx® 6000 Optical Inspection System Optyx® 3000 Laser Sorting Inspection System Tegra® Optical Inspection System


  • Modular
  • Connected
  • Self-monitoring
  • Easily upgradeable
  • Profitable for you


  • Vision Power—Advanced color, mono and Vis/IR cameras capture up to 8,000 scans per second, targeting even smaller defects faster.
  • Laser Power—Maximizes sensing capabilities for removal of FM, EVM and product defects.
  • Brain Power—G6 Image Processors (IP) do with one chip what once took an entire electronics rack.
  • Expansion Power—The G6 Digital Signal Processing CPU is designed with extra capacity for executing sorting algorithms—with Pentium® muscle and FireWire® connectivity ensuring secure, upscalable performance for years to come.
  • Virtual Power—Control from the sorter, your desktop, or the other side of the world with simple, easy-to-use menus and icons.
  • Uptime Power—Real-time and on-demand self-diagnostics minimize downtime.
  • Future Power—Easily programmable, modular controller enables future flexibility to move with your needs.


Optyx® On-Belt Optical and Laser Sorters

Optyx® 3000 Optical Inspection Systems

  • Just over one meter wide (42 inches), this compact, economical sorter brings G6 enabling power to lower-volume assignments and crowded plant floors. Its smaller price tag and footprint make it ideal for recovering usable rejects from other sorter lines for optimum yield.

Optyx® 6000 Optical Inspection Systems

  • Optyx® 6000 offers multiple configurations optimized to meet your specific application needs. Capable of impressive throughput in a modest footprint, it ensures precise defect removal in a range of applications

Raptor Laser Technology

Consider Optyx® Optical and Laser Sorters when:

  • 360° inspection is not critical
  • Product is stable/not liable to roll
  • Product has poor trajectory characteristics
  • Quality monitoring is required
  • Laser technology is required or adds value


Tegra® In-Air Optical Sorters

Tegra® Half-Wide and Full-Wide Optical Inspection Systems

  • Recognized as the industry's most accurate in-air defect removal system, Tegra® is Key's highest capacity optical sorter. G6 technology simply makes it even faster, more powerful, and future-ready.
  • Tegra® uniformly launches product from non-damaging, gravitational C-Belt® conveyors for 360° inspection. Up to four high-performance Camera Link compliant cameras give unobstructed views of every surface.

Consider Tegra® Optical Sorters when:

  • Product needs to be viewed from all angles
  • Product is difficult to stabilize for on-belt sorters
  • Product shape would create substantial shadows on a belt
  • Product could stain belt background

Manta® High-Capacity Laser Sorting Inspection Systems

Manta®  high-capacity sorter, with its 2-meter (79-inch) wide belt, handles up to 27 metric tons (60,000 pounds) of product per hour within a space-saving footprint only 40 mm (1.5 in) wider than Tegra®.

Raptor Laser Technology

In combination with Key's industry-leading cameras, Raptor lasers, multiple wavelength lasers and FluoRaptor™ fluorescence sensing lasers work inside Manta™ sorters to attack product defects, EVM and foreign material such as glass, rocks, insects and other debris.

Consider Manta® Laser Sorters when:

  • High throughput required
  • Advanced shape-based sorting desired
  • Minimized water consumption important
  • Belt speed of 3m/second (600 ft/min) an advantage
  • Integrated closed-loop chiller needed to protect product

Service and Support

While protecting your Key vision equipment from obsolescence, you can be confident that we will stand behind it too. Wherever you are in the world, a highly trained Key Service Technician is close by. Key customers have long seen the value of our industry knowledge, training programs, ready inventory of replacement parts, and regional service desks. We continue to add value with individually tailored Key service contracts It's our plan for making downtime obsolete—not your sorter.

With each new Manta®, Optyx® and Tegra® system we build, we know that one more processor will be sorting at peak performance today—while getting an unprecedented running start at the future. And as a progressive processor, you will lower the risk of obsolescence and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

Call us today.  We’re ready to empower the future of your sorting.

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