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Tobacco Sorter™ 3 (TS3)

The Tobacco Sorter™ 3 recognizes more than 2 million colors, detecting and removing foreign materials, as well as subtle product defects, from strip tobacco, tobacco stem, and other leafy product (such as tea). This technology helps achieve the highest purity standards, maximize yields, reduce overhead, and limit product liability at unprecedented rates and accuracy. Operation is simple, and sorting criteria are easy to adjust, store, and retrieve.

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Tobacco Sorter™ 3 (TS3) Tobacco Sorter™ 3 (TS3) Tobacco Sorter™ 3 (TS3)

Features and Benefits

  • Extraordinary detection—targets metals, plastics, paper, black rubber, cellophane, string,
    foreign organic material, and more
  •  High-speed, high-volume inspection – over twice the speed of previous models
  • Gentle handling—on-belt laminar airflow stabilizes product with no degradation
  • Consistent performance—industry’s best NTM rejection and good product retention
  • Easy adjustment—multilingual touchscreen graphical user interface for fast color setting or
    batch job changes
  • Network connectivity—allows remote monitoring and communication
  • Minimized downtime—global, round-the-clock support and service
  • Top/bottom-viewing cameras with projection-lighting vision module
  • Proprietary high-speed intelligent image processor
  • Precise, high-speed rejection valves
  • Real-time video processing and valve firing
  • Metal halide lamp life of 10,000 hours (four times longer than commonly used fluorescents)
  • Open, easy-access design
  • Sealed, stabilized optics/electronics enclosures

Sorter Reference Information

Key Technology | 150 Avery Street, Walla Walla, WA 99362 USA