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Turbo-Flo® Blancher

Key’s Turbo-Flo® Blancher/Cooker/Pasteurizer is a revolution in blanching, cooking, and pasteurizing technology. The efficient heat transfer increases throughput while reducing space requirements. Faster processing improves nutrient retention, taste, and appearance. Turbo-Flo® reduces operating costs, increases profits, and reduces bacteria counts.

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Turbo-Flo® Blancher Turbo-Flo® Blancher Turbo-Flo® Blancher

Features and Benefits

Improved Product Quality

  • Energy circulation method improves nutrient retention, color, and taste
  • Even cooking temperatures improve consistency and quality

Increased Efficiency

  • Hydrostatic water seal eliminates evaporation, the major cause of efficiency loss
  • Full 360° insulated steam chamber maximizes heat retention
  • More efficient heat transfer allows smaller system with higher product output, requiring less floor space

Less Waste Water

  • Waste water is greatly reduced in comparison to conventional blanching/cooking/pasteurizing systems
  • Less than 113.6 liters (30 gallons) per hour of waste water with 1.2 m x 6.1 m (4' x 20') active zone (potato application)

Higher Yields

  • Fewer dissolved solids and higher yield than other blanching/cooking/pasteurizing methods

Superior Sanitation

  • Hydraulic hood lifts extend hood 762 mm (30") for easy interior cleaning
  • Product guides engineered into hood for easy cleaning of belt and guides
  • Optional clean-in-place systems simplify cleaning and ensure sanitation
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