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Cayman® BioPrint™ Sorter

BioPrint™ Technology

The Cayman BioPrint sorter identifies defects or good product by its unique biological characteristics (DNA fingerprint). Based on that BioPrint, the Cayman detects and eliminates shells, stones, sticks, hulls and foreign seeds effortlessly, even at extremely high defect loads.

Handle High Incoming Defect Loads

The Cayman BioPrint sorter can be used right after the cracker to separate the kernels from shells, hulls, sticks etc., pre-clean the product stream at very high defect loads of more than 50%, before further downstream processing.

Processing Efficiency

Enhance productivity by pre-cleaning with the Cayman to remove non-kernel, nut-related materials allowing your downstream processing equipment to operate at much higher efficiencies.

Recover Valuable Product Increasing Profit

By running the reject streams of your processing line over the Cayman BioPrint sorter, a large percentage of valuable kernels can be recovered, offering a significant additional production yield.



Features & Benefits

  • Identifies defects and Foreign Material (FM) based on unique biological characteristics
  • Start ‘n Sort™ functionality
  • Easy to use GUI with NameYourDefect-Technology
  • Numerous applications on one machine
  • Proprietary Chycane® chute-fed
  • In-air detection – no background
  • No moving parts – Low maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • Sanitary design compliant – Full stainless steel/IP65
  • 100% digital FPGA technology
  • Full remote service via Internet


Typical Applications

Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, macadamias, peanuts.

Sorting Excellence

More than 35 nut processors around the world have already increased their quality and yield with the Cayman BioPrint Sorter by removing shells, hulls, sticks, etc. after the cracker, before additional quality sorting with cameras & lasers or by recovering valuable product from the reject stream of their production.


Sorting high defect loads, recover value from your reject stream and as a result obtain increased quality and higher yields.


Cayman F and FX: Up to 4 metric tons/hour
Cayman F2 and F2X: up to 8 metric tons/hour
(Depending on product and defect load)

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