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Python Smart Laser Sorter

Advanced Shape Detection

Detailed shape detection is achieved by seeing perfect, crisp contours of the inspected objects on the LED backlight illuminated Chycane® chute resulting in higher sorting efficiency.

Smart Shape Recognition

The smart shape recognition of the Python's sorting engine can analyze complex contours based on intelligent mathematical algorithms, resulting in improved quality.

  • Analyzes based on combination of length, width, ratios, area, etc.
  • Unraveling clustered products into separate contours ensures you don't miss any harmful bad products or eject valuable products.
  • Automatic detection of cluster center point for optimal ejection.

Uncompromised sorting

The Python Smart Laser Sorter removes Foreign Matter (FM), Extraneous Vegetative Matter (EVM) and defects based on combined sorting of size, advanced shape, color and structure, to increase your yields.

Optimized Product Control

The proprietary Chycane chute feeds the product in a perfect monolayer with a consistent trajectory to the laser optics and ejection valves. This optimized product control maximizes sorting and ejection efficiency increasing yield.



Features & Benefits

  • Color, structure & advanced shape
  • Smart Algorithms enable intelligent sorting decisions
  • Full product viewing with front and rear lasers
  • Numerous applications on one machine
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Proprietary Chycane chute-fed
  • No moving parts – Low maintenance
  • Sanitary design compliant – Full stainless steel/IP65
  • 100% digital FPGA technology
  • Full remote service via Internet
  • Upgradeable & retrofitable


Typical Applications

Fresh, dried, frozen fruits, vegetables, nuts, confections.

Sorting Excellence

More than 30 food processors around the world use the Visys Python Smart Laser Sorter to optimize product quality and increase yield.


Increased profit through improved quality and higher yield.


Python 680: up to 5 metric tons (11,000lbs)/hour
Python 1200: up to 10 metric tons (22,000lbs)/hour
(Depending on product and defect load)

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