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VitiSort® Wine Grape Sorter

VitiSort® is a compact system combining a patent-pending mechanical MOG (material other than grape) removal shaker, optical sorting and integrated juice recovery system. As the lowest cost sorting system on the market, VitiSort® offers world-class sorting to help wineries improve their product quality while redirecting or reducing labor. Ideal for wineries producing 5,000 to 100,000 cases per year, VitiSort™ can sort up to 5 tons (4.5 metric tons) of red wine grapes per hour.

By having reliable control over the condition of the grapes that go from the crush pad to fermentation, wine producers can produce consistently high quality wines year after year. Ask us about VitiSort®'s proven performance on hand and machine harvested fruit.

VitiSort Wine Grape Sorter

Features and Benefits

Improve Wine Quality

  • System removes any unwanted objects such as insects, skins, raisins, shot berries, stem jacks, and leaves
  • Results in increased wine quality as the harsh tannins introduced by leaves and stems is removed resulting in a rich and dense wine

Reduce labor

  • Eliminate manual sorting
  • Two to four people can run a crush pad processing up to 5 tons an hour

Recover fruit normally lost to difficult conditions

  • Salvage Botrytis-infested fruit blocks
  • Recover hail-damaged blocks with minimal yield loss

Recover free run juice

  • The patent-pending design of the MOG shaker recovers free run juice for reintroduction to the must

Ease of use

  • Color touch screen features a graphical user interface where adjustments can be made to the wine grape specific software
  • Compact and mobile with locking caster wheels to easily roll into position under the destemmer.
  • All weather ready - stainless steel construction ensures durability in all weather conditions and eases sanitation and cleaning

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