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Remote Monitoring Tools

RemoteMD™ for Camera / Laser Sorters

RemoteMD™ for Camera / Laser SortersKey Technology’s industry leading RemoteMD™ (monitoring & diagnostics) proactively monitors the sorter’s condition in real-time improving productivity and performance, increasing uptime, and enhancing maintenance efficiency. RemoteMD is a condition analysis tool that detects problems, assesses the status and initiates notifications and remote service sessions based on business rules and your policies.

Key Features

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Real-time fault detection
  • Proactive condition analysis & diagnostics
  • Plant personnel notification of condition changes and alarms
  • VeriSign® validated security solution
  • Comprehensive audit logs
  • Customer policy adherence
  • Remote service technician access
  • Collaborative services

RemoteMD™ leverages a secure, internet-based technology to provide a real-time connection to the sorter and the people responsible for their operation and maintenance. A distributed intelligent software solution, RemoteMD™ automates the detection and diagnosis providing notifications to the plant management and detailed information to service technicians increasing the first time fix rate and reducing in-plant service calls. If a service visit is requires, the technician arrives with the necessary information to solve the problem quickly. With RemoteMD™, Key Technology’s collaborative service is just a click call awayAutomated Optical Inspection is a critical element of your process. After all, in some cases, machine downtime can halt production lines, costing thousands of dollars in productivity per hour. RemoteMD™ delivers peace of mind, because you do not have time for downtime.

SmartArm® for Vibratory Conveyors

SmartArm® Vibratory Performance Monitor.

Key’s SmartArm® is a revolutionary tool that prevents down time, reduces labor, and improves process efficiencies. By wirelessly measuring and reporting vibratory stroke and speed, SmartArm provides an at-a-glance, compiled analysis of shaker function. Alerts are provided through the software for any measurements outside of normal. Trending data is collected and displayed, allowing better plant operating decisions.

Click here for more information on the SmartArm® Vibratory Performance Monitor.

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