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Communication (OPC)

At Key, we strive to make technology as easy to use as possible.  Building plug-and-play functionality into our equipment furthers that goal and OPC—the series of standards specifications—is one important element that helps achieve plug-and-play. 

Designed to bridge hardware and software applications, OPC is an open standard that permits a consistent method of accessing field data from equipment on the plant floor.  With open connectivity via open standards specifications, OPC in industrial automation and enterprise systems assures interoperability.

With OPC compliant technologies, we can easily connect our equipment to plant-wide networks to enable outbound and inbound communication to monitor and control equipment settings.  Imagine a product changeover is scheduled for 11 a.m.  The plant network signals the optical inspection system to recall the appropriate pre-programmed settings.  In this scenario, the sorter is changed over with no operator intervention.

Additionally, statistical information about the product can be collected by the optical inspection system and transmitted to the plant network to optimize operations through process control.

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