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Sanitary Equipment Design

Harmful bacteria can thrive in a food processing plant.  To assure food safety, processors must be diligent in taking precautions to prevent its growth and spread.  The elimination of problematic areas in conjunction with a strong sanitation routine will control the growth and spread of pathogens.

Stainless steel Smart Shaker® Vibratory Conveyors satisfy the most stringent sanitation standards in the industry, including 3A Dairy Sanitary Standards, USDA, HACCP, FDA requirements, and NEMA 4X washdown specifications on control cabinets.  Scalloped flat bars, sealed isolation springs, and a smooth 2B surface finish all discourage bacteria growth.

Based on a Washington State University study focusing on the hygienic qualities of various stainless steel surfaces, the 2B surface proved superior to the alternatives.  The study found that the 2B surface provides little traction for microbial attachment, easily allows sanitizer surface penetration, and inhibits microbial re-growth.  Compared to other stainless steel surface finishes, the 2B surface is ideal for use on vibratory shakers where sanitation is a top priority.

Key designs all its Smart Shakers® to meet the established industry principles of sanitary design and then its manufacturing processes follow suit.  Rigorous internal standards are maintained through Key’s “Enhanced Sanitation Fabrication Standards” which establishes the methods, guidelines, and responsibilities for inspection of welded components, sub assemblies, and parts to assure all equipment complies with Key’s high standards.

Standard 2B Finish Glass Bead Finish Grit Blast Finish

Sanitation Standards

The industry standards Key follows in designing and manufacturing Smart Shaker® vibratory shakers include the following:

  1. FDA 21 CFR part 110; Current Good Manufacturing Practices: Sub Part C-Equipment
  2. USDA, 9 CFR Part 308.5, Equipment Cleanability requirements
  3. USDA, 9 CFT Part 381.53, Equipment Cleanability requirements
  4. USDA, AMS: Dairy Standard: USDA Guidelines for the Sanitary
  5. Design and Fabrication of Dairy Processing Equipment  (AMS = Agricultural Marketing Service)
  6. IAMFES 3 A Dairy Standard. (IAMFES = International Association of Milk, Food and Environmental Sanitarians)
  7. USDC. NOAA; FED-STD-369, Sanitation Standard for Fish Plants
  8. ISO 14159 Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Equipment
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