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Mechanical Drives

Iso-Drive® Energy Unit

Iso-Drive® uses a natural frequency rotational drive technology that powers Key’s Iso-Flo® Vibratory Conveyors.  It distributes even, torque-free vibratory forces solely to the conveyor pan without being subject to vibratory forces itself. 

Iso-Drive® provides a linear vibrating force, produced when the two pairs of weights rotate simultaneously in opposite directions.  While rotating, the combined centrifugal forces of the weights reach maximum when they are 180° apart and are canceled at the point where they pass each other.

Because the weights are synchronized, they produce a linear vibrating force in the plane of the rotating weights.  In operation, Iso-Drive® counter-rotates the two sets of eccentric weights on two separate shafts, which produces a force that is free of the destructive side-to-side forces that plague traditional drive units that use a single set of counter-rotating weights.

Compact, quiet, and easy to set-up Iso-Drive® operates on a large or small gearbox configuration with a stainless steel cast base.

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