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Natural Frequency Electromagnetic Drives

Impulse™ Electromagnetic Vibratory ConveyorImpulse® Electromagnetic Conveyors transport product using a targeted, harmonic motion to move product forward.  Frame-mounted electromagnetic drives and StrongArm™ spring arm assemblies  distribute energy equally to all parts of the conveyor pan in a controlled, natural-frequency operation. 

With solid-state controls that allow conveying pan amplitudes to range from zero to 100 percent, Impulse® can be easily adjusted for different products or processing conditions.  From low stroke, high cycle mode for gentle handing to high stroke, low cycle mode for faster throughput or to handle heavier product, versatile Impulse® electromagnetic conveyors are ideal for lines that handle a wide variety of products.

Controlled by a motion sensor and/or a menu-driven frequency controller, an Impulse® electromagnetic conveyor starts and stops quickly to accurately meter product.  This makes Impulse® ideal for product mixing lines, ingredient feeding, and weigher/scale feed applications.

Available in a wide assortment of standard sizes to help speed delivery and lower costs, Key’s sanitary Impulse shakers offer precise metering, gentle product handling, and reliable operation.

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