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SmartArm® Vibratory Performance Monitor

SmartArm® Vibratory Performance Monitor

The SmartArm® system lets you monitor conveyor performance throughout your facility. With a SmartArm sensor mounted on each vibratory conveyor, you can track current performance and record a history of stroke and frequency, detect problems in advance and stay on top of maintenance issues.

The Device Programming page allows you to change the information stored in the sensor itself. This is useful if you intend to move the sensor to a conveyor with different design characteristics.

There are four parts to a SmartArm system: the sensor, the base station, the server and the client.


The sensor is a transducer connected to a wireless transmitter that periodically sends stroke and frequency information to a base station. The transmitter utilizes the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, known as ZigBee, for secure, low-power, low-cost networking.

Base Station

The base station is a wireless gateway with proprietary firmware that connects to your plant network via Ethernet. The base station receives the information from the sensors and sends it to the server.


The SmartArm software requires a minimum operating system of Microsoft® Windows® XP, or Linux® 3.1. A 1280 x 1024 pixel monitor is recommended. A single, typical software installation, either client or server, requires less than 30MB of hard drive space. Collected data requires very little hard drive space. Data from 100 sensors collected continuously for 10 years would take up less than 35MB of hard drive space.


The SmartArm server software collects and stores the information sent from the base stations and makes it available to the client software. The server also provides OPC XML-DA service.


The SmartArm client software communicates with the server and presents the information gathered from the sensors on your desktop or laptop computer.

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