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Spring Arms

StrongArm™ Spring Arm The StrongArm™ arm spring is the conduit for energy transfer from the drive to the pan, and ultimately, to the product. 
When a shaker is designed and operated properly, the arm will provide highly efficient energy transfer, providing the best
system performance and lowest operating cost.

Key’s StrongArm™ is a unique contoured spring arm made with proprietary next-generation fiber material that offers improved durability, better consistency, and a higher spring rate than traditional vibratory conveyor arms.

Standard on all new Iso-Flo® Vibratory Conveyors, Impulse® Electromagnetic Conveyors, and Marathon Vibratory Conveyors, StrongArm™ provides twice the operational life of straight arms, helping to reduce the cost of replacement parts, maintenance labor, and downtime.

StrongArms™ achieve a more consistent and accurate spring rate than straight arms.  Customers have found that StrongArms™ do not change radically during the break-in period, which helps reduce the fine-tuning that other arms require.  This reduces operator intervention and improves the efficiency of the shakers over time.

Compared to straight arms, StrongArms™ offers an 11 to 22 percent better spring rate.  This allows Key to use fewer arm springs and, for larger shakers, fewer brackets as well, which further reduces the cost of replacement parts and maintenance.

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