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KeyWare® Application Software

Designed specifically for an application, KeyWare® Application Software provide you with controls and sorting capabilities that you need.  With multiple KeyWare® Application Packs, which can be quickly accessed at the control panel, Key’s sorters are ideal for multi-product processors. 

KeyWare® provides a user-interface in terms that are common to the application.  Terms that describe the product color and shape, and terms that define specific defects or foreign material that are common to the application—terms such as “mold” or “stem”—are familiar to the operator.  By using common terminology, Key eases use and simplifies operator training.


KeyWare® Application Software KeyWare® Application Software KeyWare® Application Software

Behind the scenes, KeyWare® optimizes the sorter’s image processing algorithms for each specific product to provide consistent results.  Adjusting the sort sensitivity for any defect category is easily accomplished using simple numerical sliders.  Key offers a wide assortment of off-the-shelf KeyWare® Application Packs and can customize KeyWare® for unique or unusual applications.

KeyWare® allows processors to benefit from the sophistication of Key’s sorters while protecting the operator from the system’s complexity.  By simplifying the operation, KeyWare® reduces the skill levels required to operate at optimal performance.

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