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With object-based recognition, Key’s SmartSorting capability offers more control in defining a wider range of defective products.  SmartSorting also improves the accuracy of ejecting those defective products, which optimizes product quality and increases product yields.

Rather than simply identifying a defect on a product and aiming the ejector at that defect, SmartSorting considers the object for a more intelligent sort.


G6 Camera for Optical and Laser Sorters G6 Control Module G6 Electronics Rack for Optical and Laser Sorters

SmartSorting allows the user to define a defective product based on where a defect lies on the product.  It also allows the user to define a defective product based on the total defective surface area of any given object.  These object-based considerations put more power into the processor’s hands to produce optimal product quality.

SmartSorting also enables Key’s optical sorters to actuate the ejection system by aiming at the center of a defective product rather than at the defect itself, or in other ways adapting the ejection pattern to optimally target the object of interest.  This advanced capability provides an increase in ejection accuracy resulting in less good product in the reject stream.

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