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Imaging Technology

Imaging is a system—a collection of components designed to work in union to optimize the process of examining objects.

One primary component of imaging is the energy source.  Objects must be illuminated or stimulated by energy to create a response.  With optical inspection systems, the energy source could be lights (florescent, LEDs, and HID illumination) as well as lasers and the response is a combination of reflected, absorbed, and transmitted energy.

Another primary component of imaging is the sensor, which captures the object’s response to the energy source.  Cameras and laser sensors convert light energy into electrical energy that can be analyzed by image processing technology to identify various types of discrete objects of interest.

To design the most effective optical inspection system for any given application, we need to differentiate good products from defects and foreign materials.  To maximize that differentiation, we identify the ideal wavelengths, or sets of wavelengths that produce unique “signatures” for each object of interest.  Then we select the optimal combination of lights, cameras, and lasers that produce and capture those specific wavelengths. 

With more than 2,000 optical inspections systems installed worldwide, Key has amassed a vast collection of scientific data about a wide range of objects and their signatures.  And we’re constantly adding to this body of knowledge by running spectral analyses of new products, defects, and foreign materials to see how these objects respond to specific wavelengths.  By concentrating on the areas of the spectrum that produce the optimal results for specific applications, we design the ideal optical inspection system.
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