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G6 Camera


Unlike color cameras that use red, green, and blue (RGB) to create a high-resolution color image, BioPrint™ uses proprietary algorithms and hundreds of spectral data points to create a very unique representation of the biological characteristics of the scanned object. This representation, or biological fingerprint - BioPrint™, is then used to compare good product against other objects being scanned.

Where our high-resolution color cameras excel at identifying the most subtle color differences, BioPrint™ excels at distinguishing differences in the biological structure making it ideal for removing foreign material and extraneous vegetative matter.

G6 Camera

Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®)

This highly innovative, patented technology reliably detects defects that are invisible to the human eye.  CIT® analyzes the chemical differences between good potato and other objects to control processing. CIT® is a hyperspectral-based sensor technology capable of detecting potato chemistry: glucose, starch, and water along with other foreign bodies invisible to traditional camera and laser-based sensors. CIT® allows detection of sugar end defects and solid contents which until this point could not be identified by potato processors until after frying.

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