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Crush Pad Equipment Solutions

Receiving Hopper

Key Technology introduces its family of Crush Pad Equipment Solutions for wineries.  Modules, which can be utilized separately or configured as an integrated system, include a receiving hopper, cluster sorting table, post-destemmer sorting table with MOG (material other than grape) separating system, and color sorters.  These stainless steel systems help wineries improve their product quality while redirecting labor to other tasks.

Key’s Crush Pad Equipment Solutions enable wineries to better control the quality of must going to their fermenting tanks by more effectively removing any unwanted objects such as insects, skins, raisins, “shot” berries, stem jacks, petioles, leaves, and other MOG from the product flow.  Gentle handling and improved sanitation further enhance product quality. 

The modules are available in a range of standard sizes that handle from one to 10 tons of product per hour.  The mobile modules feature locking caster wheels, leveling screws, and adjustable-height legs for easy repositioning.

GRIP System Features and Benefits

Receiving Hopper

  • Dump entire tote at once…and drive away; no manual tipping or pulling product to the inspection table
  • Free forklift operators to perform other tasks
  • Precisely meter clusters into even-flowing layer for inspection

Cluster Sorting Table*

  • Present grapes at adjustable vibratory speeds for spotting and removing unripe berries, raisins, leaves and Material Other than Grapes (MOG) – without bridging or plugging
  • Match sorting table speed with destemmer to increase efficiency and prevent thrashing and stem-shredding
  • Clean and sanitize in minutes
  • all stainless steel, fully exposed; no belts to harbor bacteria/mold or require replacing
  • fast, effortless changeover between varietals
  • Offer operator-friendly environment with adjustable height and ergonomic, non-vibrating support rails

Receiving/Inspection Platform

  • Gain mobility – wheel out of area when not in use
  • Integrate easily with destemmer; adjustable heights

Post-Destemmer Sorting Table

A second vibratory sort utilizes gravity and stainless steel screens to help safeguard product quality by eliminating effects of the destemming process and residual MOG before fermentation.

  • Avoid clumping – gentle vibration immediately spreads single grapes exiting the destemmer
  • Reduce labor – small sheared stem, jacks, raisins and insects fall through openings in screen; human sorter identifies defective fruit
  • Adjust height to any destemmer/crusher
  • Clean and sanitize easily – simple, all-stainless design

More Winemaking Solutions

Impulse™ Electromagnetic Conveyor – another vibratory option to evenly spread product and ease cluster inspection. Operators control flow with the touch of a button for instant start/stop and precise metering, preventing overloading the destemmer/crusher.

Belt Conveyor – accommodates high-capacity feeding to the Cluster Sorting Table, holding several totes of product at once. Gates at the end of the belt knock excess product back onto the belt to control product flow.

2X Air Cleaner – uses a positive air flow design and Key inspection shakers to remove debris, fines and leaves, especially when grapes have been mechanically picked. Save costs by removing 98% of light trash, reducing manual inspection and simplifying cleaning.

Also: rejected material trough, jack removal shaker, jack inspection shaker, bin dumper

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